James Bouteris


With a career spanning over 20 years, James offers a deep and insightful understanding of the many aspects of the property and investment industry. He is an industry leader in Property Management and Investment Sales and is delighted to be supported by an experienced and professional team of managers, sales consultants and administrators.

Career roles include the successful management of a Sydney portfolio valued over $200 million dollars and as licensee of a large investment property services organisation, a role where James led and managed advisors, marketers and sales seminars, thus acquiring unrivalled experience within his field.

Jame’s astute negotiation skills set him apart from other real estate professionals. He prides himself on delivering outstanding results and service, negotiating the best possible outcome for each of his clients, every time.

Successful in management and direct selling, through brands such as ReMAX and Laing + Simmons, James has cemented his reputation as a specialist in both these fields. His dedication to strategy, planning, time frames and execution helps to reduce client risk and maximize returns.

Adam Searle


An industry leader in sales management of property and project marketing,

Adam offers an exceptional depth of knowledge and a proven sales record that gives Bluechip Real Estate the edge. His keen reading of property markets comes from over 9 years leading the department of sales, marketing and stock control for one of Australia’s leading medium density property developers, Dyldam Pty Ltd and their prodigious portfolio of new projects and developments.

Boasting a respected reputation and abundance of experience, Adam has built an enviable sales record over a 15 year career of more than 1,600 managed sales with a combined value of more than $740 million dollars.

Adam prides himself on taking a meticulous approach to selling, based on thorough research and well planned strategies tailored to each individual project or property.

He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to each sales strategy and is regularly approached by industry peers to offer insightful commentary on market trends, project marketing and development site acquisition.

Anthony Chapman

Sales Director

A true professional, Anthony is an industry leader in Finance, Sales Management and Project Marketing.

During his influential career which continues to span over 20 years, Anthony has held key management and sales training roles. He has serviced several of Australia’s largest property marketing, development and financial groups in New South Wales and Queensland, including the Sunland Group, Thomas Paul Constructions and Greenwich Financial Services Pty Ltd.

He holds a full Real Estate Licence and is a qualified Finance Broker.

His ability to educate, train and manage sales personnel as well as develop and implement sales and marketing strategies at all levels has seen him also sought as a consultant to numerous companies seeking input and refinement to their existing sales processes.

From either direct or indirect involvement with various entities, Anthony has been responsible for the creation of property sales teams generating over $300 million per annum in total sales values. In the first quarter of 1999, he successfully managed his sales team of 23 consultants to achieve 23.8% of gross property transactions within the Gold Coast area and consistently generated output of over 100 gross property sales per month up to 2001.

Well known within the industry’s community and delivering unrivalled knowledge and experience together with the desire to achieve the best results possible, Anthony proves he is a respected and valuable member of the Bluechip team.

Jason Young

Project Marketing Manager

With a diverse career in property and marketing since 1994, Jason’s analytical and professional approach has earned respect and trust from a number of Australia’s most prominent property developers. His finely tuned skill set provides an ability to manage his sales team at a superior standard while his dedication to integrate strategies and achieve optimum results for his clients is extraordinary.

Vast experience in an extensive range of projects, Jason recently played key roles within the Crown Group and successfully worked with a team to deliver record breaking sale figures on landmark developments such as V by Crown Parramatta with 550 units and Skye by Crown North Sydney being 220 units which most notably sold over 100 within an impressive six hours of release. His sales record dramatically increased throughout 2014 and early 2015 when he successfully managed 436 transactions of project homes in New South Wales through his proven agent and investment network.

As a trusted manager and trainer, in 2012 Jason’s services were contracted by Longton Property to educate and motivate a team of 25 sales associates, a skilled approach he continues to apply to the Bluechip Project Marketing team today.

Outstanding knowledge with an exceptional depth of experience, Jason continuously inspires those working with him, therefore proving he is a true asset to the Bluechip team.